Albert J. Robertson

Initial lead courtesy of Tim Thurlow.
Albert John Robertson was born on 26th June 1897 and residing in Kirkcaldy when he was granted a temporary commission as a Sub-Lieutenant in the RNVR on 27th June 1917, having previously served as a Lance Corporal in the 12th Scottish Rifles. Between being attached to the 4th Reserve Battalion at Blanford on August 22nd and being drafted to the Nelson Battalion on December 8th it is recorded that there was an application for a commission in the Indian Army Reserve.

On 14th December Albert left the base Depot at Calais, joining the Nelson Battalion on the first day of the new year at Welsh Ridge. Three days later it is recorded that Albert died at the 149th Field Ambulance from wounds that he had received. He was buried by Rev. G. B. Grosthwaite.
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