George T. Snelling, R/4315

Initial lead courtesy of George's Grandson Will Snelling.
George Theodore Snelling was born 25th February 1886 in Cirencester (Gloucestershire). He married in 1906 and was living in Weston-Super-Mare (Somerset) when he enrolled with the Army Reserve in December '15.

George entered the RND on 27th June '17 with the service number R/4315. He was promoted to Able Seaman and drafted to the Hood Battalion before arriving in France the following February. George was with the Division during the enemy's March offensive and was sent to the Field Ambulance for an unspecified reason on the 18th but rejoined his unit a few days later. On 13th April he was reported as Missing in Action near Aveluy and was confirmed as Killed in Action the following September. Copies of George's death certificate were sent to both his wife and his father. He was initially buried three miles north of Albert but his body was exhumed and moved to the Lonsdale cemetery No. 1 in 1920.
Royal Naval Division .info George T. Snelling, R/4315
George Snelling
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