Joseph Manning PO/281905

The following information has been kindly supplied by Jack Robson
My Great Great Great Uncle Joe was born on 19th July 1874 in Wawne, East Yorkshire. He was my Granddad's, Granddad's Brother and was one out of six siblings.

Royal Naval Division .info Groningen Internment Camp Joseph Manning As per his service records it states that he joined the Royal Navy at the age of 12 but I believe this being either the cadets or a in a reserve/boy role before enlisting as an adult. He was a Farm Labourer before this, however these details on his service records could be incorrect.

Stoker 1st Class Joseph Manning served in the Royal Navy from 1896 - 1919 and served on a number of ships and onshore establishments including HMS Tauranga, HMS Victory, HMS Duncan, HMS Cressy at the start of the 1900s. At the outbreak of the Great War he served on HMS Victory II and was posted to B 'Benbow' Company of the Royal Naval Division, before being posted to Belgium in October 1914. As per his records, he was interned in Holland at a camp known as H.M.S. Timbertown. Throughout the war he was able to go on leave and returned back to the UK before heading back to Timbertown. Due to many prisoners escaping the camp, photographs were taken of the internees by the Dutch authorities. About nine years ago, over 1000 photographs were found in the Netherlands of the sailors that were interred at the camp in Groningen. These luckily survived World War Two and were digitalised. We found one of my Great Great Great Uncle Joe, numbered 575 still in his Royal Navy uniform.

Uncle Joe was discharged from the Royal Navy on 12th February 1919 and moved to Park Street in Hereford with his wife Rose. I haven't been able to find out what he did after the War but both Joe and Rose died a few months apart from each other in 1950, I believe they are buried at Hereford in which I am still investigating.

As per his service records, he received three Good Conduct Badges and most likely several medals, at least the 1914 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal, and possibly more.

Thank you to my late Grandmother who kept a photograph album and scrapbook. There were four images of Uncle Joe, two in his Royal Navy uniform that led me to dig deeper into the history of my relatives.
Royal Naval Division .info Joseph Manning Royal Naval Division .info Uncle Joe Royal Naval Division .info Joseph manning in civvies
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