Thomas H. Bashton, KX/145

Details of Thomas' story are contained within the main body of the text and the Timeline of this website. Below are more recent findings from Thomas' service:
Thomas was wounded at Bully Grenay by trench mortar shrapnel on 11th August 1916. It is now possible to say that this was inflicited by the recently introduced Wurfgranate-16 and that five others were also wounded. Source: Howe Btn. Diary

Royal Naval Division .info Wufgranate-16

During September '17 the 176th Tunnelling Company was largely employed constructing deep dugouts both on the frontline and for the artillery positions behind in the Gavrelle-Oppy sector. In addition, other units of the Company were digging trenches for the laying of cables and water supply to the front line and the construction of machine-gun emplacements

On 19th March '17, whilst suffering from Trench Fever, the records of the 11th Casaulty Clearing Station show Thomas as being placed on the sick convoy.

Royal Naval Division .info 11th Casualty Clearing Station entry

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Royal Naval Division .info Thomas H. Bashton, KX/145
Thomas Bashton
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